The lights of the week – blue eyes, smelly farts, hickeys and squidgy thighs

The other things that are going on…

We thought Olive’s eyes were going blue for a while – they looked lighter around her pupils, but now I think they may be darkening to a greeny-grey. Aunty Yani is determined to have the first blue-eyed baby of the generation, on Olive’s maternal side. Maybe we should run a sweepstake? With the proceeds to go to Olive’s capital start-up fund (which already has $600 for her childhood enterprises). We’ll see…

Olive has sorted out her wind problem (mostly) by learning how to fart properly while lying down, first they started to get really loud – loud enough that I thought it was Damon – and now, they have started to really smell! How can such a little thing make such a rotten smell? Who knows?

This week has seen Olive give Mama two love-bites – one beauty on my cheek and another on my bebe – the result of a straying plunge-attack at the nipple, she was close, just not close enough!

Her thighs hmmmmm yummmm so squishy and squidgy and deliciously proddably kissable. I hope I never forget the feeling of her baby thighs, or the dimply bottom they attach to. Its definitely (and unfortunately) a Burgess bum – long and brick-like. Lucky Olive!

Beautiful beautiful Olive



In the shower with a tired Mama…


The Baron (no, not Baroness) of the bebe

Little Olive will be 8 weeks old in two days time, and she is starting to show her colours. We have discovered why she doesn’t cry – its ineffective, she much prefers yelling. Demanding. Making her intentions unmistakably clear, and that is why we call her an easy baby…


Can’t you just see exactly how she feels? That frown is pretty good, she didn’t have much of a chance at a smooth forehead, with the frowns of her Mama and Dada to contend with in the gene lottery.

This week Olive met her middle sized cousin, Darrah. Olive had a taster of what it would have been like to be a second (or third or fourth) child. Darrah, who is three and a half got right in there poking, talking, pulling, laughing. Olive frowned and had a sensory overload. It will be excellent to watch them grow up together, Darrah will be the big girl that Olive looks up to, follows around and loves to bits. A better cat to copy we could not have wished for.


We hit a milestone this week –  the half roll! Olive was lying on her tummy and rolled onto her side, I’m not entirely convinced it wasn’t an accident, because she hasn’t done it again. She has the strength for it for sure, she is practically a wrestler/ weight-lifter she is so strong – check out the neck muscles, which last at least a few minutes before she face-plants…



The other milestone that Olive hit is in the production of REAL tears, man, those things have some power. She looks so sad when her wee eyes well up. She can get anything she wants in the world with those pools of saline.

Our nights are unpredcitable in terms of the time measurements, but somehow Olive, who is supposedly immobile, manages to wriggle and snuggle right up close to Mama and we always seem to wake up millimetres away from each other’s faces and I can smell Olive’s sweet milky skin and breath, which must be the most delicious way to waken in the whole world. We don’t know quite how she does it.

Mama is a lot closer to lucid sanity since Dada has returned to the land of light. On Monday, while Dada was giving his presentation (which won him a jug of beer) Mama and Olive went to active movement music class at the library and best of all – Olive stayed awake!


To celebrate Dada’s return we went and had dumplings for lunch, which Olive may remember from her time in utero, I used to think that I wouldn’t be surprised if she was born a prawn and coriander dumpling, I ate so many of them while I was pregnant. They were yummy. Then we went for a wintery walk on Takapuna Beach with the long-suffering calumpher Kokamo…


and Mama smiled because she is the cat who got the cream…


Olive and Mama spent last weekend on Waiheke feeding up and walking on the beach with Nini, while Olive contemplated the words she might use for her acceptance speech when she hosts the Baron’s party. However, she may decide to just do her sleepy suckling instead. Dada thought she might be imsipred by the Little Red Hen, who knows only too well the value of self-praise.


This week we are going to make Olive a playgym to ensure her senses never want for any encouragement.

A present for Mama

To celebrate the eve of turning 6 weeks old, Olive slept from 9.30pm to 6.30am with only one wake-up at 2am for a quick change and feed. Mama feels a million bucks. Plus Olive has started only pooing every second day… She is the smoothest bubba in town

6 weeks… turn the corner

So much and so little time. It seems mad that we have not had a chance to update this blog, and even now I am typing one handed with the other hand holding Olive’s head to the bebe…

Olive has just had a bath with Papa and then a blowdry and massage with Mama she is so alert and engaged now its just lovely. She smiles her big gummy smile all the time.


She loves to lie back and look at her pom poms and had fun lying under Robyn’s playgym at Niki’s house, even though Mama felt guilty that there is no playgym at home and maybe Olive is missing out on some crucial stimulation. Olive doesn’t have much stamina for the books that we read her but she likes it when Mama whisper-sings in her ears and rocks her with lullabies. Nana Pat’s Catherine taught us some tricks for Olive like touching her opposite toes to hands when we change her, which stimulates the left/ right brain connections and also lying Olive on her tummy over a swiss ball and gently rolling her forward and back. We need more like this. We are stepping up the activities now, with music in the library on Mondays, mummy-baby yoga starting next Thursday and we are on the waiting list for daddy-baby swim lessons (“Tadpoles”) which Olive will start when she is four months old.

Olive is such a lucky girl to have four grandparents and four great-grandparents (and two adopted great-grandparents). And four cousins, who she has only met one of so far (the lovely Emma Charlotte), if she had the cognitive ability Olive would be so excited to meet her other three cousins (Ashleigh Claire, Darrah Emma and Nico Peter), which she will in the next few weeks. And of course she has her big sister-dog naughty Koka.

Anyway, I digress…

We have had a completely blissful time in the last two weeks, Olive is a little dreamcake. She is so delicious Mama wants to eat her up in one go. We spent half a week on Waiheke, walking on the beach, eating yummy food and hanging out by the fire. Nini and Grandad even let our wee family sleep in their big bed! What a treat. Olive was fought over constantly by the grey(white)-haired troops and she loved every minute of it. It was lovely for Mama and Papa too, who got to eat meals with two hands and walked on the beach in the Autumn sun together with Olive and Koka.



This week we have upped the ante with our level of busy-ness, which is a lot of fun. We walk Koka everyday and try to go somewhere fun like Pt Chev beach, Waiatarua or the dog park or (if we’re desperate) Avondale racecourse – in the ‘hood. Olive has come to the party and is letting Mama have loads of sleep at night time (one night we even got 5 hours!) and generally sleeps 3 -4 hours at the beginning of the night. Olive’s big step this week though was moving from the ergobaby to the bassinet for her day time naps. There was sceptics who warned of the rod Mama and Papa were creating for their backs with all this attachment parenting wearing the baby, but Olive showed them! On Monday Olive was in the bassinet (which is in the living room) for three half-hour sleeps, on Tuesday it was a one-hour sleep and by today (Sunday) she spent two hours kipping in the little bed. The main issue with the bassinet is that Mama misses having Olive in her arms. Mama has now bravely moved on from sitting beside the bassinet watching her cherub sleep, to moving around and just keeping her ear near to the Olive squeak.

We have become so confident now that Olive went in the bouncinette today during grumpy-time, which went from on the floor just outside the kitchen, to the kitchen floor, to the kitchen bench where Olive could keep an eye on Mama cooking the dinner (mussel soup, yum). We have still had no real crying from the little peach, just in the car, she is easily pleased.


Aunty Yani and Uncle Nick came and stayed for two nights this week while their bathroom is flashed up, poor Yani didn’t even get to see Miss Olive the first night, she was in so late and left so early – we were in bed the entire time she was here. On Friday night Olive met Nana Pat, Uncle Clive, Christine and Catherine and got some cuddles. We went and visited Nana and Poppa as well, who have been missing out on their cuddles because they have been away and then sick. They were so pleased to fill up on some Olive yumminess. Last night Alicia invited us around for a drink, which was fun, particularly because we went at 5pm and were home by 8pm, its a whole new criteria now!

Olive is having a love affair with her bebes, she gets so excited when they loom near. She starts licking her lips, sticking her tongue in and out of her mouth and grunting (which turns to snorting when she gets really enthusiastic). Once the bebe is firmly locked into her gullet she coos and tells the bebe a story ” I love you bebe, I missed you bebe, I really really love you bebe, I never want to leave you bebe, you make me so happy bebe, you are my most favourite thing in the world bebe…” she really means it too! Then the bebe squirts all over her face and she nods and shakes to look for it again. We have even joined a bebe fan club (La Leche League).



One more week for Papa’s assignments and then we are on holiday! We have planned a trip to Wanganui to see Rach and Pete and are off to Wellington for a showing off tour at the beginning of August, this is the upside of no jobs!

We have been told that everything changes at six weeks – that the baby will be more predictable and settled (does that mean boring?)  or alternatively that we will find our feet as parents and will be used to the rhythm and broken sleep aka accept our status as zombies. We’ll see…

Mama is sitting up in bed typing this and Papa and Olive have fallen asleep beside me. Olive is wearing a little pink striped suit and has one arm stretched out to Papa’s chest (which she tried to suckle the nipples of tonight, but no joy – too skinny) and Papa has his arm cuddling over Olive’s tiny body. They look the most delicious picture. This happiness is better than moonbeams and cake.



Talking to Great-Grandad