The beginnings of coordination

2 months

Today Olive is 10 weeks and 4 days old. She has started trying to let out the laugh that is growling in her throat, so far she has managed a cough-laugh a colaf. Its pretty much super cute and she does it with a big wide open mouth smile that makes the Mama want to eat her up.

Mama has taken a few big steps recently – last night she went out for a haircut and left Olive in the capable hands of Dada and Nini, it all went swimmingly and we might even do it again sometime. We also had friends over for a midwinter Christmas dinner party – with all of the women either lactating or pregnant it was an adult affair, we had salmon en croute and eggnog though which were both delicimo.

She is so beautiful. Check out mini Damon in this picture…


Right on time Olive had her 9 week growth spurt and started feeding every hour or so all night long, it lasted for a week and we are now back to the far saner-making one nightly wake-up. Some nights I go to sleep and when we wake up I’m convinced she has visibly grown overnight, its so amazingly fast.

Since Dada finished the semester and was on a pseudobreak we took a road trip down to W(h)anganui to stay with Mr and Mrs Rabbit (Pete and Rach). On the way down we stopped at Whakapapa for Dada to interview someone for his alpine rescue project. The snow and rocks were a visual feast of contrast for little Olive, she wasn’t so impressed by the snow though, or Mama’s games with her in the snow


In Wanganui we went down the long tunnel and up the rickety old(-est in the country) elevator to the Tower of Wanganui which has lots of steps .  Mama had 3 hours of food poisoning and it rained pretty from the moment we arrived, we had a grand old time with Rach and Pete and little Ringo in the womb.

Koka was lucky enough to get to stay on the farm with the Aunty Mandy, Uncle Andy and Cousin Emma chasing chickens and running into the electric fences. On the way down and back we spent a night in Pirongia learning about artificial insemination of cows and looking at the cow porn order booklet for bull semen. The cow progeny are glammed up with full udders and fluffy tails for their photo shoots and the semen sold for anywhere from the run of the mill variety at $18 per 6mL to the exclusive “limited edition” (i.e. bull is dead) variety at $60+ per 6mL. Very enlightening this farm business.  The highlight for Olive though was gettingto have a good gawk at her cousin Emma.


We had a few days at home and then Mama and Olive went over to Waiheke for a few days with Nini, Grandad, Aunty Yani and Uncle Nick.  Olive learnt about sniffing when she had lavender thrust under her nose, which made her silently giggle.

Since we’ve been home Olive has mostly just being chilling out eating her fists and lifting her head. She has had plenty of time recently to lift her head and look at all the cool things that are on the orange mat Great-Dodo sent over from France, its her Viva La Francia mat (which is part Italian). Its so cool.


The mat is especially good now that Olive has all but forgotten how to roll over, so she is spending a lot more time lying on her puku – her neck is particularly strong for it.

Olive is a big talking girl now, she has plenty to say to most people and things oooooaaaaaaar hghghgghghghghggghh grunt grunt grunt. Its mostly Italian that she is speaking at the moment, Mama is teaching her, the blind leading the blind. Especially when she is in her playgym which has loads and loads of dangly crap in it. So much so that Mama decided to clean the thing out and start again with plants, flowers and wood. No more plastic, easier said than done. Olive is really into whatever she has to look at, she is batting things with her hands and seems to feel pretty pleased with herself when she has a successful strike. The rest of the time she is happy to stare at her ever twirling hands and to try to get them into her most for a good slobbery gnaw. Or if there is a TV in the room Olive will fixate on it, lucky we don’t have one! We do watch TV on the computer though and she is easily entranced, terrible habit.

Olive is the most beautiful baby, her pudgy cheeks are puffing out, the Possum ears continue to prosper and her eyelashes are going from wee stumpy things to curly long and lovely.


Dada calls this her retarded smile…


Talking 10 week old bubba