Dumped by Koka

Olive with open eyes

Olive has passed the three month milestone, and is now fifteen weeks old. She is asleep in the pram at the moment on the deck in the beautiful Spring sunshine.


Last week she went to Waiheke with Mama, and stayed in the fancy apartments with Nini and Grandad while the rotten floors in their house are replaced. It was a lovely little holiday from her life holiday. Dada was over here for the weekend but he went home to keep working on his project. Olive has discovered the bush and was so entranced when we took her down into the Nikau grove that Mama and Dada were married in. Her big sister Koka-dog got her mental run on and kept Olive entertained by running back and forth. Olive is learning to be a bit wary of the Koka-dog though, the rogue tail-wag in her face has taught her fast.


She’s becoming used to travel though – last weekend we were in Wellington do the visiting rounds of friends and family and Olive even went to see the colossal squid at Te Papa, which was underwhelming to be honest. Olive travelled in Bugaboo style care of the yet-to-be-born Otto Olsson and felt very posh for it. Her first trip on the plane was a breeze, a relief to Mama who was worried about her ears popping. Olive just sucked on the bebe and was as happy as a baby on the bebe.


We call the three month old girl Olive ‘little Damon’, she really is a clone on her Dada. Her eyes are the same shape and look to be going the same green-blue-grey colour. Her mouth still seems to mimic Nini’s and her bum is sure clone of Nini’s. Its like two sides of a pot-holed road, and so squidgable. Olive is so alert and happy, she squeals with excitement and can recognise her Mama, and recently also recognises her Dada. Maybe Nini too, but the jury’s out. She loves her Grandad for sure, he always gets a smile. When Olive sees Mama she bobs her wee head and clasps her hands together and smiles from ear to ear, sometimes she gets so excited she has to look away!

Olive’s coordination has developed so quickly (her Dada says she is a quick learner, just like him he claims). Mama thinks its all the yoga and baby exercise Olive does. She can now grab things and pull them to her mouth, she has even tried to catch the bebe in her hand and pull it to her mouth. She can move toys between her hands too. Her favourite toy is a chain of plastic rings, which she can get a good hold on and pull to her mouth. She gets frustrated when they don’t play along and she grunts, growls and yells at them. Olive loves reading books, she looks at the pictures and words so intently and loves watching the pages being turned. When she goes to sleep she tries to get her whole hand into her mouth to suck on, although she usually settles for a couple of fingers. Maybe not a thumb-sucker after all. Still waiting for her to find her feet. Mama keeps telling her that they are just at the end of her legs and are really a fun time.

Olive is learning to be more sensitive to her environment. She loves the TV, despite Mama and Dada’s efforts to keep her face away from it, she will swivel her head around to try and find it and cry if it disappears. We only got a TV in the house this week, maybe we should get rid of it? She has become much more aware when she is feeding and settling for sleep. She sometimes like to make Mama and Dada work really hard to get her to sleep. We are getting better at reading when she is tired but we often miss it and she ends up grizzly and overtired, which makes for harder work. We’re all getting there though. Mama still needs to slow down a bit, maybe even stay home some of the time. We all went to Canton Café for dinner on Saturday, it was so loud. Olive needs little earmuffs to protect her wee ears. She loves the bath, but not the getting dressed afterwards. A naked baby is a happy baby in this house.

The most delightful time of Mama’s day is when Olive wakes up in the morning, slowly as she does, and when she lays eyes on Mama she beams and it fills my heart with warm chocolate.

She has grown so much – she is now 6kg and her little tootsies are at least a centimetre bigger than the footprints in clay that Dada made. Her wee puku is a delicious squeezy kissable pudge and she has rings of rolls down her solid Burgess thighs. Her little toes look like cocoons stuck on to the end of her feet. Her hands are looking less like stumps and more like short, capable branches.

She has been in the Jolly Jumper but is still a bit young for it and more hangs than bounces in it. Mama thinks she likes the feeling of standing on her own though. Olive loves to stand being held by her hands, and it is really an extension of that. Her head is so much more stable now, she can keep it in line when she is picked up by her hands from lying on her back.

We have the Welsh dresser on loan from the Fitness pair and have rearranged the lounge so that we are all geared up for a mobile Olive. Not really close yet, but prepared all the same! The house looks so much more spacious. She is sitting up in her Bumbo seat and looking gorgeous and like a big girl (or sometimes a geriatric with failing motor control).  She has also gone into the big girl seat in the pram, the bassinet was too horizontal and she couldn’t see what was going on.

IMG_3160What else? It is so much fun watching Olive turn from a fetal creature into a baby, she is so much more engaged and alert. She is our beautiful, smiley and delicious Olive.


Sleeping with my fists