New sounds

Maybe they are words? These are the order they are coming out in:






oof (as in woof)

Olive can do this now – sitting up, talking, smiling, gooing, on all fours, squealing, on tummy, ba ba ma ma da da, on back (interlude of grab feet, suck toes), on tummy, squealing, all fours, smiling, moving backwards, off the mat, on the floor. Wah. Bebe. Laughing. Start again.

Toys go from one transitional hand to the other. To the mouth. Hair is growing – there are even some strands that don’t touch her head!

So hungry. She is waking up every hour through the night for bebe. 9 more days I tell her. She is going to be very ready for the solids when they come. Kumara. Give me kumara.


Olive said Mama this morning and it made Mama all teary-eyed. She has the sweetest voice in the world. She was sitting on the bed and said “Mama”, so I called Dada and then she said it again. And again later in the morning when we went to our first SPACE (Playcentre, Supporting Parents Alongside Children’s Education) meeting. She also arguably said Hello and Yeah. Amazing.

Beautiful baby



Getting big Big BIGGER

Growing like a sprout, but still our little wee baby, for a few more months at least. I can’t believe its been two whole months since I last updated the people. In the last two (long, sleep deprived, busy, happy) months we have become the proud parents of a sitting, squealing, wriggling, tongue-poking, giggling girl. She is a complete joy and delight.


I miss her when she goes to bed these days (not quite enough  to keep her up though – unlike her Grandad who manages to wake her up every time he visits “I just gave her a kiss” and voila, an awake baby miraculously appears in his arms).

Olive and Mama went up to Kerikeri in September for 5 days, so that Koka could have some romantic time with her boyfriend Jasper and get pregnant (she is now the official dog-breadwinner to fill our somewhat empty family basket). We stayed with Jim and Jill and loved being on the farm and walking in the country (even if Mama realised a country life fantasy is boring). We met projectile vomit for the first time and Olive spent a lot of time lying on her back squealing. She did roll over from back to front for the first time, repeated it several times (once back home) and then quit in favour of lying on her back clutching her feet (which quickly became sucking her toes, preferably all 10 together!).


As well as learning to really laugh properly, we met poo shooting up the back of the nappy and all over the clothes for the first time last month. Equally exciting for sure.  She started pulling her knees up for a crawling position in September and that has moved on to getting up on all fours and rocking now. She can wriggle backwards and get around sort of commando style, squealing the whole time of course, moving in a circle is still the easiest thing for her, so tends to be the direction du jour.  On 22 September Olive was properly sitting – less than 5 months – she is very advanced (not that I would be showing off).


Our lovely haired baby lost all of the few strands she had in September, and it is only just starting to grow back now – no mullet anymore! It looks like it will be light brown/ dark blonde. Her beautiful eyes look olive-green-grey so far, they also look very wise and knowing. She is definitely not missing a beat this girl.

Just before Olive hit four months old she packed in the sleeping at night for anything more than 2 hours – Ouch! – after Mama was just getting used to 7 hour stretches. I think two nights of Mama eating curry set it off, then it became habit. It wasn’t long after that when she decided even two hours was more than Mama needed and went to every 1 – 1.5 hours. Finally, last week, after no more than 2 hours sleep for nearly 8 weeks she gave us some reprieve and went to 3-4 hours. And then I became a mother a little obsessed (addicted?) to talking about sleep. Not any more though. We just deliriously ride the wave now. It got to the point that we were so tired Dada started taking the occasional (and indulgent) night in the spare room – imagine that – a full night sleep. Incredible. He calls it his flat now. Mama and Olive spread out luxuriously in the bed (but always end up curled up together in the corner anyway) when Dada’s away. Its no surprise she was so in love with the bebe at all hours – Olive grew 8cm in height in 7 weeks.  But it is just unbelievably delicious to snuggle up in bed with a little Olive in Mama’s arms. Life has changed though, its undeniable!

Spring peeping its nose around the corner for a few glorious September days meant Olive had her first family trip to Bethells Beach and got to eat some sand, get her feet dirty and a get a sandy fanny.  She loved it, and so did Mama and Dada.


Mama started doing some work too – a contract with the Law Society to revise the adoption chapter in the Legal Practice Manual and the Duty Solicitor Training Program, so next year Mama can stand beside Koka as a legitimate income-earner. Mama’s muddled brain managed an 87% in the exam, so the baby-brain mustn’t be killing all semblances of thought-processes. The hardest part of all of this (by a million miles) was leaving Olive. She went to Kirsty and Leyla’s for 7 half-days, and Kirsty breastfed her (seeing the bottle, cup and syringe of Mama’s milk were all shunned). Olive was perfectly happy with the arrangements, Mama on the other hand almost did a U-turn several times. We got through though and its good for Mama to know that Olive would be well-nurtured if my breasts fell off. Dada has 2 more weeks of studying and then we have a summer of hanging out all together lined up.

Olive’s Papamoa cousins were up for a few months and we tried to capture them all together, non-compliance was an issue…


Aunty Yani has successfully had her first sole charge babysitting charge (as have Nini and Grandad). Olive has been to her first gig – the Rhythm Interactive drum show. So fun. Olive wore Dada’s earmuffs to protect her wee ears, and hung out in the ergo the whole time. This month we have featured in the Ministry of Health’s breastfeeding DVD, which is being released in a few weeks. So famous. We’ll probably need an agent when its released.


Olive her first fall when Dada’s hand slipped off her pants when she was standing up, she hit her wee forehead on a wooden toy and ended up with a monobrow. Olive cried, but Mama and Dada was definitely more traumatised by the whole incident than Olive was. Mama felt so upset she couldn’t believe we didn’t need to call an ambulance or go to Starship, nope we didn’t – it was just a donk on the head. IMG_3899

We’ve joined Mainly Music (where we change the word God in the songs to Dad “Dad gave me my smile/ Dad game me my life etc and similarly Jesus becomes Koka – we fit right in). Wriggle and Rhyme at the library is Tuesday’s activity, Olive loves it so much she now gets excited when we arrive at the library. We’ve joined the Green Bay Toy Library and joined the waiting list for Mt Albert Playcentre, which looks like the funnest place ever. We went to the Plunket parenting course (PEPE) and arrogantly decided we needed to go so that Mama could take responsibility for the group’s learning by asking ‘questions’ to make sure all the other mamas know that what Rochelle (/ Plunket) is saying should not be taken as gospel.

We also started a new coffee group for our friends who are attachment parenting, which is so much fun. No crying babies, no parent-directed routines and no uptight mummies. Lots of bebe. Today it was at our place and we got the bath out for a splash on the deck.


Its good that Olive has become more tolerant of the car (mostly with a lot of toy rotation, singing and general distraction) because for her 4th month we had to get the bus and train everywhere, which meant a lot of walking and a lot of time to get everywhere.

We love the jolly jumper so much that after Olive has been in it she forgets how to stand and bounce, bounce, bounces her little legs wherever she is being held up.

Next on the agenda is starting solids in 2 weeks when she is 6 months old, well real food anyway, Olive’s first ‘food’ was orchid stem, she has also already eaten sand, newspaper, dog hair, leaves, fluff from the carpet, bath water and a paper tag from a christian toy at Mainly Music

Life is so sweet, we have found the baby-beat and are getting into it 100%. This is what it is all about. WE LOVE OLIVE SQUILLIONS AND FOREVER! YUM YUM YUM. Unfortunately though, my bum is not getting any smaller, or less like a Burgess-bum.


On the couch looking pretty


Still love my bebe. It makes me wasted.