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7 months fast

Olive, the superbaby, seems to have transformed from our teeny tiny new baby to a big, lovely, not so babyish baby. A small (very small) child. She can do so much (its all relative right?) she can crawl, climb up to standing, squeal SQUEAL and SQUEAL, wave, play ‘hup’, the xylophone and ‘ta’, eat food that doesn’t come from the bebe, swim, eat puppies, play with her friends. Oh and read, write, sing and compose operas. Yes yes very boastful. It is so amazing to me that this little person has learnt so much in just seven fast months.

On the 4th of November, Olive turned six months old and celebrated by eating her first (official) food (we don’t count the sand, paper, dirt, dog hair etc). It was kumara and ingested to an audience of doting family members singing “happy half-birthday to you”. She spat most of it out. It was all a bit exciting really, mama felt like Olive was taking her first tiny step in the other direction. It probably will get a lot worse for mama’s separation anxiety. Mama was hoping for an overnight dramatic sleep change session, but no. No change to the every 1 – 1.5 hour routine. It was getting tiresome by this point.

On that day she also showed the first sign of teeth in her top gums (which seemed to take a lot of the nighttimes making Olive grumpy) and took her first few slightly coordinated crawls. The next night she fell out of bed. Oops. Nini and Mama were in the bed (Nini saving her back, Dada in his ‘flat’ (spare room) santuary of rest) and in the middle of the night Olive waahed (which she never does) and Mama startled awake and dug around beside the bed to find her wee critter who had somehow been squeezed out. So after that we put the cot up right beside the bed to make an Olive cage out of the bed.

Our business news is that we went to our first all day conference (on the Cartwright report) and Olive was a champion cutie-pie, she cooed and wriggled on her Dodo mat at the back of the room and didn’t seem to piss anyone off! Amazing. ┬áDada finished his degree. Forever. And got an A for his final project, which was featured on the morning news show. No job yet though, fingers crossed… Mama finished her duty solicitor course and so should be able to go on the roster in February one day each week. Olive has kept up her appointments with the SPACE program at Playcentre and Wriggle and Rhyme at the library. All things created equal.

Our travelling news was the most exciting news of the past month. It began with Mama and Olive flying down to Napier to spend a few days with Nana-G and Grandad-G and the Japiwi rellies. Olive loved the trip and the attention, even though she missed out on the chocolate icecream Nana-G wanted to give her “come on, just a little lick won’t hurt her”. Mama was still food-precious at that point. We did the showing off rounds and Olive performed like a perfect monkey – all smiles and cooing.

We were back home for a few days and Olive learnt how to climb up (on Dada, which quickly became climbing up the bars of the cot), Mama did her duty solicitor assessment (pass with flying colours) and Koka had her puppies – three little brown, blind moles. The puppies have been named by Rico: girl – Mrs Bones, girl – Snoozy Moo, boy – Rico the Kind of Avondale, the King for short.

Then Mama received a text message at 3am on Sunday morning “Ringo Rabbit is on the way!” – Rachel was in labour. What to do? Get in the car and drive to Wanganui. Eight hours later we arrived and met Baby Bunny Rabbit (Molly Mae) who is so precious. We stayed two nights to soak up the new baby waves and then missioned back to Auckland, much to Olive’s dismay.

We were home for two nights, had Dada’s graduation show (- YUS! He was the star of the show and his product was featured on the Good Morning TV show, even though they kinda broke it) and then we were off to Japan!

Disaster strikes the night before we left with Olive up most of the night crying (which she has never done before) and we realised two hours before we were due to leave that she had developed a fever. Oh no! Mama was exhausted beyond imagination and felt like getting on a 16 hour plane trip as a standby passenger was not the behaviour of a rational and sane decision-making mama. But off we went anyway, Dada on his peaceful, direct, Air NZ flight and Mama on her crazy journey with a sick babe. We made it and discovered it was totally and completely worth it. So much fun!

We stayed for a week in a ryokan in Asakusa, the Japanese ladies swooned over Olive and Olive gawked in awe at all the lights and watched all the little people ants from up high in buildings. We tripped around each suburb looking, poking and prodding. Olive loved the train and learnt to catch someone’s eye and they would love her. Then she would squeal and maybe squeal some more. She picked up some Japo baby slang, but her favourite was standing naked eating at the little table. She loved us all sitting on the floor at her level. She ate some pretty exciting things – raw fish, pickled radish and white bread to name a few. She had an exciting experience with the sugar bowl, her mouth and her hands and sugar all over the table while Mama and Dada watched the morning news simultaneously on TV for two seconds. But most of all she spent a lot of time in the ergo – on the front, on the back on the hip. Poor bubba got a bit over it if the truth be told, she’s got all these great new mobility skills that she was just itching to try out. Olive would pose for photos with complete strangers each day, and we learned that if we lived in Japan with all the rule-keepers Olive would be adored day in day out.

Then we got home (another exhausting, but not hellish trip home) and took a big breath of fresh air and soaked in the glorious sunshine. Since we arrived home Olive has become afraid of Koka, she doesn’t like the doofs in the face and when we say Koka she looks around in nervous anticipation. But the exciting part of this is that she recognises the word Koka!

Olive has had her first trip to Parnell Pools with Anna, Maia and Aunty Yani and then today went to Pt Chev beach for her first swim in the ocean. She loves the water, ┬ájust like her Mama. We are set to have an amazingly fun summer… And then she learned how to do poos on the toilet. Just a little grunt and Mama sits her on the seat and away she goes. So clean.