Olive the Monkey

In four hours Mama and Olive are going to jet off with Nini to the UK for three weeks, we haven’t packed but if the blogging doesn’t get done the blogging doesn’t get done. We are so excited about going to meet all Olive’s great-aunties and great-uncles and Great-Dodo and Great-David. Mama is slightly less enthusiastic about the 30 hour plane trip its going to take to get there (and back). Dada is going to miss Olive so much (and Mama to a lesser extent), he is excited about the three weeks of sleep he is going to get though! Unheard of! Olive likes the night-times, she likes to wake up and see what’s going on frequently. And this week she cut her big top tooth. And it hurt. A lot. In the night.

Olive has emerged from her chrysalis and is a big, walking, talking, laughing, dancing, banging,climbing, pointing, flapping three-toothed spaz monkey.

This is Olive at the SPACE course we were going to at Playcentre, it was for babies so we quickly upgraded to real Playcentre which is a feast of amazement for wee Olive. It is just so cool. She goes from the sandpit to the easel to the playdough to the dress-ups to the music to watching all the big kids in a morning. Then she crashes into a lovely slumber to recover.

A masterpiece. Olive’s first painting. Taking bids.

Olive’s favourite pastimes are climbing, bebe and reading books. Climbing can take many forms – chairs, nappy bucket, dog, stairs – anything that gets me higher is her motto. Lovely Koka puts up with it all:

In this case it was to get to the dresser drawers. The other thing the dresser is good for is standing on top of the cupboards to get to the shelves. How you do this is to climb onto the armchair, then onto the little round table then onto the dresser. It’s awesome and dangerous.

The bebe, well the love affair continues. The funny thing about bebes is that Dada has them too. His are so silly and useless, Olive knows this – she has tried to suck on them but nothing comes out. So now she gives them a wee scrunch and then just points and laughs.

She can read too, our Olive. She points out the dogs, cats, ducks and mice in the books and she can turn the pages. Angry turning is how it goes.

The other thing Olive loves is the pools. Loves the pools. She can go under and kick and splash big splashes. It’s great.

Eating, is low on the list of favourite activities. There are preferred styles to eating – in the bath is still number one. Standing on the Olive Chair is a pretty cool way to eat, or standing in the little wooden trolley. Sitting in the highchair. Phh. No. I. Will. Not. Eat. In. The. Highchair. Take. Me. Out. Right. Now. Ok, I’ll eat, I’m happy. I win.

A quick learner is our Queen. In one proud hour she conquered the freezer (Koka was on hand to provide moral support), the nappy bucket – unpacked and then the rubbish bin. Wow it opens and there are so many treasures inside. Yikes! This can add to my repertoire of climb, climb, unpack bookshelves, unpack washing line and washing basket, try to climb into the paddling pool, eat some stuff I find on the floor. Up the step, down the step, eat some dirt. Where’s the dog water bowl? I want to climb in there. Go inside my house Dada made. Smile, laugh, find Mama or Dada. Pick me up I’m ready to start again.

Since our last blog we’ve been on some more holidays. We had grannies week in Whangapoua with the Bunby sisters and their progeny. It was beautiful and hot and Olive swam in the sea and played in the sand with her cousins and more cousins. Then we went back to the Coromandel for Niki and Duncan’s wedding, which was glorious and Olive learnt about card sharks. We went to Dada’s cousin Justin and Chianti’s Cambodian wedding. We went to the zoo and saw some cool animals like elephants, giraffes and orang-utans. Olive’s favourite was getting out of the pushchair and hooning about. And we went to Waiheke to see Nini and Grandad. They took Olive for a swim.

Olive can say lots of words – Mama, Dada, Ka (as in Koka), Nehnehnehnehnehneh, Ta (give me, take from me, I want it) and Dog. She can point to her teeth and Mama’s teeth and can strum her bottom lip.

We are so close to our holiday and when we come back Mama is going to working for herself as a barrister (www.eswlaw.co.nz) and big, fat pregnant Aunty Yani is going to be looking after Olive (if Dada is working). Then Olive will get another cousin. She can’t wait. Stefanie gave her a second cousin this week – Fletcher – who unexpectedly popped out at home! Go Stef!

Well, we’re about to go. So better back. One last meal for the air for little Olive, then its bebe bebe and more bebe. I’m sure she won’t complain!

Mama’s loves.

The Monkey.

A big surprise

Olive and Mama found this big box in the garage. We inspected it closely to discover it contained an amazing and addictive climbing chair from Dodo! Olive loves the chair, although has no intention or interest in sitting on it…Its for me!

Having a good explore

And a peep.

This is my throne.

I am cheeky and victorious.

I love my Olive Chair.