A slip in time

We do have a good excuse for the long absence… Mama is not just a mama anymore. She’s an official got a job, self-employed, money-earning mama. And how the house has changed. Dada has also joined the ranks of the wage earners, and suddenly we have transformed from a no-income family to a two-income family with deadlines and alarm clocks and reasons to get dressed in the morning!

Mama is working three days a week from home ESW LAW Ltd. Oh yeah! And Dada is working as a real-life, bona fide, product designer, five days a week. Astounding! Olive is in the safe hands of Alicia while mama works and after a tough start with quite a few tears she is now in a fully-fledged love affair with Alicia’s, two-year old girl Aia.

We are trooping on with Playcentre two days a week, which Olive and mama both love. The kids are great, the centre is choice and Olive is learning and climbing and developing into a talking, running, dancing lovebaby.

The tumultuous times took their toll on the littlest Stenhouse, with about a month of crazytime in the nights – 2 or 3 hours of grizzling and wizzling and driving mama and dada up against the wall, over the roof and jumping for our lives. This has calmed down (to save us all) with the emergence of two glistening molars through her 14 month old gums. And Jesus were they are hard time coming!

Olive is the light of our lives. She is so amazing, her personality is shining now. With talking and listening and doing so much. This last week her new trick is to do all the actions to “if you’re happy and you know it” we do clapping our hands, stomping our feet and patting our heads.

Olive has so many words, many of the most well-used show her personality!

Dog, mama (mummy), daddy (dada), duck, uh-oh, turtle, nyna, granddad, nana, poppa, yaya (Xavier), no, up more, more more (milk), beebee, Aia, Koka, Ta (Taaaaaaa!), date, peas, bottle, hot (+blowing), baby, ball, boat, bath and probably more. She is so talented!

Her animals sounds are a hoot

She can also now do lizard, farfalla, tractor, fire engine, car, giraffe and pussycat. Proud? Never!

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