Oh-love rascal

We have just come back from a family weekend on Waiheke with nyna. Grandad, aunty and yaya are in Napier because great-grandad has been having nose bleeds and in hospital. He’s home and much better now though…

Olive had a great time. Olive loves her nyna so much, she was happy to have nyna cuddle her in the night and nyna took her off for an adventure to Allison’s so mummy and daddy could sleep in. Bliss. Olive ate pancake and didn’t look back for mummy for a moment. She loves the beach, running away from the waves and chasing the seagulls in her “streamline” position (arms out the back). She found a German tourist drawing pictures in the sand with a stick, made friends with him and scored her own drawing stick. Lots of digging in the sand. Koka is good at digging too, what a team.

The other thing the team got up to involved playdough. Green playdough. Olive was playing kinda reasonably with it, when Koka ate the lot. Then spewed it all back up – everywhere. Yuk! Daddy had to clean it up – eeewwww.

Olive found the metal corkscrew at one stage and came walking towards mummy holding it, point upwards, right beside her eye saying “eye eye eye” mummy didn’t fright, just quietly took it away and put it up high. Trouble!

Back home trouble comes in the form of an open freezer and large hunks of butter for a little girl and her bad dog. Koka loves the baby, well little girl now really.

We’ve been practising our “mahunga, pakuhiwi, puku, hope, waewae (x3), taringa, whatu, ihu, waha e. More she says.

This weeks biggest milestone, however, was sleeping for 8 hours! yes – 8 hours! Olive, not mummy, who lay awake for an hour waiting… waiting… Olive was in her cot in the other room for the first time. A light flicked on. The anticipation for the next night was palpable, but wore out at 10.30 with the first wakeup. Ah well. Tonight she is in the little bed beside mummy and daddy’s bed, so we’ll see how that goes.

It all began with mama calling time on the twilight (and beyond) feeds. We had a talk, mummy and Olive, and mummy told her that she couldn’t have bebe until 5am (after 2 weeks of every hour). Olive woke up at 9.30pm and cried in mummy’s heartbroken but resolute arms, for half an hour. Then nothing but sleep until 3am! Cracked!

Olive (“Oryo”) has 65 words now! She is on fire, and learns a new word pretty much every day. This week she cracked the three word sentence “Oryo big poo”. She was right too. Enormous and stinky.

She can identify blue (and sometimes red) and has fed herself her whole dinner. She is growing up so fast.

Cluck cluck cluck mummy.

I love you sweet Olive xxx

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